Most realtors often stress that the kitchen and bathroom are the most important things to consider when shopping for a home. Most people buy into this advice and end up with a good kitchen and bathroom until they discover other problems with their property. One of the most overlooked yet dangerous problems is water damage. If you buy a water damaged home, you might be horrified to learn that it needs a new roof and ceiling which costs big money.

For many first time homeowners, waterproofing has never really been a problem. However, you shouldn’t ignore it when shopping for your new home. Whether you have experienced the problem before or not, buying a home is such a big deal and waterproofing should be a major consideration.

Look for discoloration where the roof meets the wall

When water seeps through the roof, it attempts to find openings in the ceiling from which it can flow downwards. Since most of these openings are near the wall, the water will seep through causing discoloration and sometimes mold will be found growing there. If you notice this kind of discoloration, ask the seller to factor in renovation costs or avoid making the purchase.

Water stains on the ceiling

Are there ring-shaped stains on the ceiling? This is an indication that water has accumulated in the ceiling above. Accumulation of water on the ceiling generally means that the roof is leaking somewhere. This water could lead to different issues ranging from a collapsed ceiling to electrical problems.

Water Damage

Check gutters

Leaking gutters and seepages that aren’t extended far enough from the foundation and walls are warning signs of serious seepage problems. Structural foundation problems like these can not only cause seepage due to poor rainwater management but are very expensive to repair.

Check for musty odors in the basement

Musty odors in the basement are normally due to water damage. Foundation seepage causes water to enter the basement creating moist regions on the floors and walls. Molds grow on this region and together with dirty water, they create a musty odor. Avoid property with issues like these unless you have sufficient funds to undertake repairs.

Water stains on concrete floors

Water stains on concrete floors isn’t necessarily a seepage problem, but it could be an indication of a structural problem. Look for signs of water damage on the wooden framings and other surrounding regions to determine the cause of the water stains on the concrete floors.

Check for signs of water damage repairs

Water damage problems can be solved by experienced professionals or inexperienced people with no transferrable warranty. Inspect previous repairs to see whether they have been done using quality materials. If there are water signs on the spots where the repairs have been made, then this is an indication that they weren’t done properly and you’ll need a professional to do more repairs.

Check the sump pump

A sump pump failure is another cause of water damage. If the pit is full of water, this is an indication of a sump pump failure. In this instance, contact a home inspector who will help inspect the sump pump and determine whether it can be repaired and at what cost.

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