Selling Property?

You can Sell Privately or with the help of an Estate Agent

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Private Selling – What’s YOUR Opinion?

  Private Selling - What's YOUR Opinion? There’s a thing my mother always used to say. “If you want something done properly, you’d better do it yourself.” To be fair, it was usually somewhat huffy and in response to one of my half-hearted efforts to not do...

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Can I REALLY Sell My Property Privately?

Ask me why I throw away the end of the cucumber? An experimenter puts 5 monkeys in a large cage. High up at the top of the cage, well beyond the reach of the monkeys, is a bunch of bananas. Underneath the bananas is a ladder. The monkeys immediately spot the bananas...

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Critical Information for Private Sellers

So you want to sell privately? Some people are born DIYers. No really, it’s like my Dad. He just somehow can do...stuff. He tiled the floor (really well actually), then cut down a tree, fixed the car and went fishing. So following in those rather formidable footsteps...

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4 Check Boxes For Selling Your Home

It’s like religion and politics. People offer advice in a sort of pendulum – ish way. They are either totally for it or horribly against it. So when you announce that you are... "Selling your home ... privately!" ...don't be surprised at the sound of crickets or...

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9 Curb Appeal Tips To Help You Sell

9 Curb Appeal Tips To Help You Sell April is Curb Appeal Month   “Agh sis, look at that driveway!?” Do you know how many potential buyers drive past a property for sale and don’t even go in? If your house looks shabby from the outside - with little or no curb...

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5 Ways Your Garden Can Sell Your Home

5 Ways Your Garden Can Sell Your Home So how important is your garden when you want to sell your home? There is a house just around the corner from me, and it’s fairly new. It’s painted a slightly odd colour, but it’s well maintained and clean. BUT, it’s so...

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Estate Agents vs Selling Privately

Do you have to use Estate Agents? So many homeowners hesitate to sell their own homes and prefer to use Estate Agents because it entails dealing with people. You know, those big scary things that ask questions and make silly comments about the colour of your walls....

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6 Important Points in your Offer to Purchase

Offer to Purchase - wading through the words Whether you choose to sell your own home or you’ve decided to use an agent, you need to examine your Offer to Purchase to make sure of what you’re signing. The paperwork and legal jargon in most sales agreements can be...

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