Houses For Sale!

You are at a very exciting place in your life. Buying a property to call home is a great experience, but there are some nightmare stories out there. You’ll need good information to prevent this from happening to you.

This page is full of articles that will provide you with valuable information and keep your journey joyful

Your Water Damage Checklist When Buying Property

Most realtors often stress that the kitchen and bathroom are the most important things to consider when shopping for a home. Most people buy into this advice and end up with a good kitchen and bathroom until they discover other problems with their property. One of the...

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Is Building Insurance Really Necessary?

Back in 2008, when a random and entirely unexpected tornado came rushing through Durban’s upper highway area, people were left completely bewildered by the ferocity of the storm. To be sure, tornados are nothing new. We watch the news with a mix of awe and shock while...

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