Sell your house like an estate agent – keep the commission

Private property sales save you time

Private property sales are much the same as an agent led sale. When selling property, most private sellers have to be home for viewings anyway. Cut out the middle-man and save time. The U-Sell toolbox will guide you through each process. Selling property the U-Sell way is quick and effective.

Sell your house and save money

Selling property in South Africa has never been easier – or cheaper. Stop paying agent’s commission when private property sales are so simple. U-Sell provides the facts, the process and the marketing tools to sell your house privately. Sell your house yourself and save tens of thousands of rands.

Here is the knowledge you need when selling property

Private property sales are soaring. Why? The internet gives us direct access to our buyers when selling property. We also have information on all aspects of private property sales at our fingertips. Besides marketing and process advice, the U-Sell Sellers’ Guide contains all the knowledge you need to sell your house privately.  Selling property has never been this easy.


Things have changed.

Private property sales are easy, cheap and growing fast!


Private property sale options

Helping private sellers to price their house right

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